Better Control – Better Projects

With self-performance, “we’ve got it covered”


Flexibility is key to constructing successful projects. At Ames Construction, we self-perform the majority of our work to ensure the flexibility that today’s complex projects demand, with process controls that provide the protection they deserve.

With better control over all aspects of the project, we can integrate unexpected opportunities and adapt to unforeseen challenges. We can also establish standards for protecting our people on the project site, propose methods and techniques to protect our customers from project risk, and mitigate environmental impacts to protect our natural resources for future generations.

Proactive Safety Program Protects Our Workforce

People are our most valuable resource and their safety is our top priority. With self-performance, we take a proactive approach by setting the standards for workmanship on every site and for every project with comprehensive safety and health programs.

Experienced, highly trained safety personnel are embedded on the work site to ensure everyone returns home safely at the end of their workday, and feels confident to come back the next. By putting our people first, Ames has earned a safety record that is consistently better than the industry average.

Real-time Risk Management Protects Your Project

You’re challenged to control costs and maintain the project schedule without compromising quality. Our vast experience and reputation for innovating best-value solutions to complex problems can help you achieve these project goals.

Whole-project accountability allows us to propose ideas for improved constructability that result in cost savings, to maintain schedule flexibility that adapts quickly to changes, and to use as-needed mobilization of resources to meet any challenge. With self-performance, Ames protects its customers from project risk at every stage of construction.

Conscientious Environmental Impact Mitigation Protects Natural Resources

Ames Construction has made a lifetime commitment to protecting our natural resources for future generations. When the company was founded in 1962, Ames coined the phrase “working in harmony with nature” and we keep that pledge with every customer on every project.

Our comprehensive environmental program includes annual compliance training and project-specific training that set the stage for continuity from project start to project delivery. With self-performance, strict compliance with all environmental protection regulations is entrenched into every plan, action and outcome.

From workforce safety, to project risk management, to environmental protection, our customers rely on our one-source accountability for their peace of mind. With better control over all aspects of your entire project, “we’ve got it covered” to ensure safe, successful, on-time completion. 

Today’s complex construction projects require diverse capabilities and performance accountability that instill true confidence in successful project delivery. With expansive as-needed resources, Ames Construction self-performs the majority of our work to eliminate the vulnerabilities that come with using multiple subcontractors, while giving customers peace of mind with one-source project accountability from concept to completion.