Ames Construction // Careers // Benefits

Ames Construction is a full-service, heavy civil and industrial general contractor serving customers throughout North America. We offer career and employment opportunities throughout our regional offices, with competitive wages and benefits that include insurance and 401(k) plans for eligible employees.  

Wage and Salary Structure

Our wage and salary structure is one of the most competitive within the construction industry. Advancement to positions of greater responsibility and increased pay are based on each individual's performance. Each employee's performance is periodically reviewed by his or her supervisor. We regularly review our overall pay structure, and make adjustments to reflect current market conditions.


Ames provides comprehensive medical and dental coverage to all employees and their families through a company-sponsored health plan, or collective bargaining agreements. The company-sponsored medical plan includes coverage for child preventative care and immunizations, and annual physicals for employees and their spouses. The dental plan includes full coverage on preventative and diagnostic services, as well as orthodontic coverage. The health plan also includes an excellent prescription drug plan, a vision service discount plan, and a death benefit policy. The collective bargaining benefits are subject to local and national bargaining agreements.

Retirement / Pension Plans

Ames Construction provides retirement benefits to all eligible employees through company-sponsored retirement/pension plans or collective bargaining agreements. Contributions to these plans are made on a pre-tax basis.

401(k) Plan

All eligible employees may participate in the company-sponsored 401(k) plan. This plan allows participants to invest pre-tax dollars for retirement. The plan also contains a provision for company matching of a portion of the employee's contribution.

Note: Benefits may be modified at the discretion of the company. Changes will be communicated to all employees through normal channels.