MEC WSEC Unit 3 Ash Bunker


Ames Construction // Coal Combustion Residuals // MEC WSEC Unit 3 Ash Bunker

Project Location: Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie County, Iowa

Synopsis of work:

Ames Construction built a 50’x50’x35’ cast-in-place concrete bunker at MEC Walter Scott Jr. Energy Center, the largest coal-fired plant in Iowa. The bunker is used in the process of converting a power unit to dry ash handling. The project scope also included area improvements with paving and storm drainage.

Due to delays in securing a city building permit, the already tight seven-week schedule was reduced to six weeks. Crews accelerated materials procurement and construction to meet the shortened time frame. The late season conditions required hand pouring the checkerboard concrete paving by pre-heating grade with ground thaw, and protecting the area by tenting the finished pours and using a Flagro heater.

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