Naughton Gas Ponds 1 and 2


Ames Construction // Coal Combustion Residuals // Naughton Gas Ponds 1 and 2

Project Location: Kemmerer, Lincoln County, Wyoming

Synopsis of work:

Ames crews closed two Flue Gas Desulfurization ponds used in power plant operations at Naughton Power Plant in Wyoming. With pond material considered environmentally hazardous, dewatering operations moved contaminated water from FGD ponds 1 and 2 to a different pond on the property for storage. The material was moved through both a new and an existing pipe network.

After dewatering, cut-to-fill material from an on-site borrow source was used to fill the ponds and each one was covered with GCL liner. The liner was then covered with additional borrow material and seeded.

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