Arlington Power Plant


Ames Construction // Conventional Power // Arlington Power Plant

Project Location: Maricopa County, Arizona

Client: Duke Fluor Daniel

Synopsis of work:

The Arlington Valley Energy Facility was a fast-track project with Duke/Fluor Daniel as the construction manager. As the general contractor for this conventional 580 MW combined-cycle natural gas power plant, Ames Construction held three construction contracts.

The first contract included: site preparation, earthwork, installation of HDPE liner, construction of geosynthetic clay liner, culvert installations, catch basins and concrete lined channels. The second contract included: excavation and site grading required to rough grade the foundation subgrade for over 120 individual concrete foundations. The third contract was to install underground piping and electrical work, including utilities.

The second and third contracts ran concurrently and required an aggressive 10-hour, six days per week schedule.

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Ames was general contractor for a conventional combined-cycle natural gas power plant
Crews installed underground piping and electrical work, including utilities
Contract included HDPE liner and culvert installations, constructing geosynthetic clay liner, catch basins and concrete-lined channels