Chevron Salt Lake Refineries


Ames Construction // Refineries // Chevron Salt Lake Refineries

Project Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

Client: Chevron Products Company

Synopsis of work:

Chevron Steam Reliability Project: Ames provided excavation, backfill, and concrete placement for 12" cast-in-place pilings, footings, equipment pads, piers, and sumps, with all work performed within the operating facility of a conventional industrial process plant.

Chevron STARR / STAC: A site services agreement to perform earthwork, pile driving, and concrete construction within the operating oil and gas refinery.

Coker Flare Project: This 2007 contract included foundation excavation and backfill, and the construction of reinforced concrete foundations for the relocation of a coker flare and for a new pipe rack.

Cleaner Fuels Project: This 2006 contract included foundation excavation and placement of structural concrete for equipment foundations. Ames also performed aggregate placement and underground HDPE and cast iron piping. All work was performed in an operating refinery.

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Structural concrete placement for equipment foundations
Performed in an operating refinery, the project included installing underground HDPE and cast iron piping
Reinforced concrete foundations were constructed for relocating a coker flare