Odyssey Refinery


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Project Location: Commerce City, Colorado

Client: Suncor

Synopsis of work:

Only contractors with superior safety records are allowed to work in this conventional industrial processing plant. Ames Construction was selected to perform excavation and import of structural fill for new structure foundations, demolition of old foundations and pipelines, removal of contaminated soils from work area and other miscellaneous improvements for reclamation and to create staging areas.

This oil and gas refinery is the oldest of its type in the world so security and safety were paramount due to the potential for hazards. Ames crews coordinated with the client to ensure safe and successful completion of work in this operating plant.

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Excavation, demolition and contaminated soil removal at an oil and gas refinery
Site improvements were made to create staging areas and for site reclamation
A superior safety record was required to work on this oil and gas refinery