VLF2 & Ball Mill

[Picture of VLF2 & Ball Mill] [Picture of VLF2 & Ball Mill] [Picture of VLF2 & Ball Mill] [Picture of VLF2 & Ball Mill]

Project Location: Cripple Creek, Colorado

Client: Cripple Creek & Victor

Synopsis of work:

When Cripple Creek & Victor (CC&V) Gold Mine in Colorado received approval to extend its Cresson mining operations, Ames was awarded two related projects, one at the bottom of a steep mountainand the other on the side of it.

Move It, Build It, Dig It, Crush It, Dump It

Visually, a finished leach facility might be described as a giant bowl of rocks with an area equivalent to nearly 250 football fields. Yet, getting it to that simplistic image is a huge undertaking, and Ames crews are experts at successfully crafting these immense holding fields.

The Cripple Creek & Victor (CC&V) VLF2 project in Squaw Gulch began with relocation of State Highway 67 to serve as both roadway embankment and a toe berm for the heap leach pad, followed by construction of the new CC&V valley leach facility and new adsorption-desorption recovery plant. The nearly two-mile high altitude, sharp surface angle and severe weather conditions resulted in double-shifting crews six days a week to maximize production during good weather.

To support the tremendous surface weight from haul trucks and crushed gold ore stacking, Ames crews were also challenged to remediate more than 600 knownand hundreds of unknownmine cavities, with some requiring thousands of cubic yards of fill material.

Going Up: Golden Opportunity at 10,000 Feet

As prime contractor for the fast-tracked CC&V’s High-Grade Mill project, Ames performed start-to-finish mill construction on the mountain slope above the VLF 2 site in Squaw Gulch. The 10,000-foot altitude, mountainous terrain and harsh winter months challenged the equipment’s performance, and cranes being used to erect the structural shell of the building shut down for several days due to treacherous weather conditions.

To bring the completion date back on schedule, work was re-sequenced and coordinated with other trades on the site, often running concurrently. CC&V’s investment in mill technology will improve the gold recovery from some of the site’s higher grade ore deposits and will extend the life of the Cresson mine project to 2025.

Fast Fact: For more than 20 years, Ames Construction has been working on projects for Cripple Creek & Victor (CC&V) Gold Mine in Colorado.