Kennecott In-Pit Crusher Relocation


Ames Construction // Infrastructure // Kennecott In-Pit Crusher Relocation

Project Location: Salt Lake County, Utah

Client: Kennecott Utah Copper

Synopsis of work:

Expending over 97,000 work hours in eight months and finishing 30 days ahead of schedule, Ames crews constructed the 120-foot tall in-pit crusher station in Kennecott Bingham Canyon Mine, the largest open pit copper mine in the world. The crusher station included a dump pocket for 350-ton haul trucks, crusher surge hopper, structural and mechanical installation of a belt feeder, three transfer stations, conveyor, installation of electrical, instrumentation and controls. This project included construction of 55,000 square feet of Hilfiker retaining walls.

This infrastructure project completion was contingent on a 10-day plant shutdown for relocation of the existing crusher tower to the new foundation and the entire system commissioned. Ames Construction exceeded all schedule expectations during the shutdown operations.

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In-pit crusher relocation included constructing Hikfiker retaining walls
Construction of in-pit crusher station
Existing crusher tower is relocated to the new foundation