Barrick Mercur Reclamation


Ames Construction // Reclamation // Barrick Mercur Reclamation

Project Location: Mercur, Utah

Client: Barrick Resources

Synopsis of work:

Ames Construction completed two reclamation contracts that included reclamation of a valley leach pad, three waste dumps, capping the tailings disposal area, and construction of drainage channels.

The slopes in the leach pad and waste dumps were reduced to a maximum of 3:1 and the regraded areas were covered with subsoil and topsoil prior to seeding. A drainage channel was constructed to control surface water flow patterns in the reclaimed area.

The tailings area was capped with soil cover and topsoil. The extremely soft tailings deposit required the fill be carefully placed using an initial system of finger roads to allow heavy equipment access, and then lateral spreading of materials from the roads using low-ground-pressure tracked equipment.

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Reclaimed a valley leach pad and waste dumps and constructed drainage channels
Tailings area was capped with soil cover and topsoil
Initial system of finger roads allowed heavy equipment access for placing fill