Port of Long Beach

Track Realignment at Ocean Blvd. & Pier F Support Tracks

Ames Construction performed a track realignment for the Port of Long Beach that included more than seven miles of new railroad track and one mile of new retaining walls.

Additional capacity improvements included asphalt paving, foundations, piping, and concrete work. Electrical work on the project included the installation of electricity, signals, switch gear, and lighting. Work related to water management systems included storm drain systems, waste water systems, and water lines. Traffic safety systems included fencing, guard rails, and concrete barriers. Other utility work included the construction of a compressed air building with mechanical equipment.

Ames crews encountered and successfully relocated or protected-in-place more than 1,800 unmarked, unidentified, or abandoned utilities where new retaining walls and concrete piling construction was performed.

The Port of Long Beach is one of the busiest ports in the United States, moving $200 billion in cargo annually.

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