Tailings Facility

Ames has partnered with a private cleint for over 25 years to provide innovative solutions on numerous projects to update and expand its mining, milling and tailings operations. Over the years, Ames scope of work has included demolition and reconstruction, grade raise, pond construction and liner installation. For over 14 years, Ames has managed the tailings operation for this client and has placed over 125.6 million cubic yards of material in the seven-mile-long tailings dam. The schedule for construction and placement of the tailings material is 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and includes placing 60,000 tons per day of solids slurry, clean sand and spigotting the fine tails inside the dam impoundment. Ames’ intimate knowledge of the tailings embankment, containing 70-plus miles of piping, has been paramount to the success of the project.

Ames worked closely with the owner during the design, bid, and construction of this tailings facility to adopt innovations and proven methods to keep the project within budget. On phase two of the tailings dam project, the partnership developed an efficient method of discharge that managed all of the water from the expansion, maintained safety and reduced cost.