Truxton Natural Crossover

Working within a tight schedule, Ames Construction built a new 2.75-mile railroad alignment with a flyover bridge in Truxton, Arizona. The project scope included building an elevated railroad bed and construction of a 10-span bridge over dry wash.

Located along historic Route 66, the remote site required careful coordination to avoid losses associated with time delays. Water availability at the site was also a challenge; Ames successfully negotiated with a bordering land owner for both water and borrow material. By the project’s end, Ames crews had worked 75,000 hours with no recordable injuries, while moving 600,000 cubic yards of earthwork fills, placing 40,000 tons of sub-ballast and 4,000 cubic yards of concrete, and installing 600 H-piles and an arched tunnel.

Eastbound trains now travel above westbound traffic without going over a typical switch, putting them in a better position when approaching New Mexico’s fueling terminal.