Coal Combustion Residual (CCR)

What Is Ames Construction’s Experience in CCR Remediation?

For Ames Construction, there is no surface impoundment closure project that is too big or too complicated to take on. We understand the unique properties of coal ash slurry and have experience in all aspects of its handling, including dewatering, conditioning, and transporting. And with our heavy civil and industrial construction experience and one of the largest privately-owned equipment fleets in the country, we can build all of the infrastructure necessary to close a pond—including haul roads and bridges, concrete structures, retaining walls, and conveyor systems.

Our project delivery encompasses both the traditional bid-build approach and alternative delivery, in which we support the client and the client’s engineers through the pre-construction process, providing constructability, pricing, and schedule assessments. Because of our self-performing capabilities, we can make adjustments in labor and equipment through the life of a project to keep the work on schedule when unforeseen challenges arise.

How Does Ames Construction Close a Coal Ash Pond?

There’s no “one-size-fits-all” solution to closing a surface impoundment—every site has its own set of geotechnical, safety and environmental challenges.

As a full-service, self-performing, heavy civil and industrial general contractor operating throughout North America, Ames Construction is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of utility companies in all facets of coal ash impoundment closure. Tailoring our services to each specific project and owner, we have performed “cap in place” closure, closure by removal, and closure by consolidation. Our capabilities include:

· excavation, hauling and conditioning of coal ash

· dewatering

· water treatment

· site grading

· construction of access infrastructure

· construction of drainage systems

· groundwater management

· new landfill construction

· landfill capping

At Ames Construction, we know that as a closure project progresses, work scope can change and new challenges can present themselves. We answer these challenges by leveraging our in-house expertise, labor and equipment to make every project successful.

From its founding in the 1960s, Ames has committed to the principle of “working in harmony with nature” to reflect the company’s determination to maintain the integrity of the environment. Our commitment to safeguarding natural resources is also a commitment to protecting the communities we serve. Check out our CCR remediation projects to learn more about our experience and capabilities.

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