Provo Murdock Canal Enclosure


Ames Construction // Canals & Pipelines // Provo Murdock Canal Enclosure

Project Location: Utah County, Utah

Client: PRWUA

Synopsis of work:

Ames Construction was the general contractor for construction of this buried pipeline project that enclosed an existing open canal (the Murdock Canal) for safety and water conservation.

The project scope included 19.3 miles of 126-inch large diameter polyurethane-coated steel pipe, air valve and blow-off structures, modifications to existing diversion structures, 40 turnout structures, crossing of 34 streets, and 100 utility relocations.

The project, used as a recreational trail, was constructed in a relatively narrow right-of-way in an urban environment that required continual coordination with several municipalities, governmental agencies, adjacent landowners, homeowners and businesses. The work scope for this environmentally sensitive project included massive earthwork, aggregate processing and placement, piping and concrete production.

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Installed more than 19 miles of 126-inch large diameter steel pipe
Project constructed in a narrow right-of-way in an urban area
Buried pipeline project enclosed an existing open canal for safety and water conservation