The success of Ames Construction is measured by how well we handle the complexities of project details, the challenges they present, and our ability to complete them to the customers’ satisfaction. Yet, that success is only possible with the willing spirits and capable hands of the dedicated people who work here, led by those who inspire these invaluable professionals to take pride in their workmanship and make a commitment to excellence. Meet some of the people who inspire us to build quality into our projects—day in and day out.

An image of Jerry Ouimet

Jerry Ouimet

President and Chief Executive Officer

An image of Tom Bessel

Tom Bessel

Chief Financial Officer

An image of Brent Wilber

Brent Wilber

Chief Administrative Officer

An image of Tim Haycraft

Tim Haycraft

Chief Legal Officer

An image of Justin Gabrielson

Justin Gabrielson

President | Midwest Region

An image of Jerry Miller

Jerry Miller

President | Southwest Region

An image of Tim Odell

Tim Odell

President | Western Region

An image of Craig Sandeen

Craig Sandeen

President | Renewable Energy

An image of Curtis Bilow

Curtis Bilow

Executive Vice President

An image of Nick Ruba

Nick Ruba

Executive Vice President, Alternative Delivery

An image of Shawn L. Dahl

Shawn L. Dahl

Vice President, Real Estate & Aggregates 

An image of Bob Bruckner

Bob Bruckner

Chief Information Officer

An image of Zach Huhmann

Zach Huhmann

Health and Safety Director 

An image of Katie Odegaard

Katie Odegaard

Human Resources Director

An image of Jon Beckius

Jon Beckius


An image of Sue Ritchie

Sue Ritchie

Risk Management Director

An image of Sarah Windsor

Sarah Windsor

Quality Director