Mass Transit


As a critical component to metropolitan transportation infrastructure, public transportation projects are subject to high levels of budget and schedule scrutiny. Ames works closely with project owners and public agencies to construct efficient multimodal transportation systems, on time and within budget.

Our portfolio of successful mass transit projects includes light rail and electrified commuter rail, bus rapid transit (BRT) lanes, rail and bus transfer stations, and bikeway and trail integration. With crews that are accustomed to working safely near live railways and vehicular traffic, Ames’ capabilities include bridge construction, utility relocation and upgrades, road reconstruction for at-grade crossings, and MSE/retaining walls.

Perris Valley Commuter Rail

Double-tracked 24 miles of new and upgraded track for Southern California’s Metrolink.

RTD Eagle P3 Commuter Rail

JV partner in the construction of 36 miles of double-track electric commuter rail lines in Denver, Colorado.

Central Corridor Light Rail

Built 3 miles of light rail track between Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.