CCR & Environmental


Ames takes on complex environmental projects, distinguishing ourselves with our earthmoving capabilities and our commitment to exceed client expectations from start to finish.
With our safety-focused team and vast equipment fleet, we’ve proven our expertise again and again on coal combustion residual (CCR) remediation projects and environmental remediation and reclamation projects.

Colorado Landfill

Performed excavation of a hazardous waste landfill in Colorado.

San Gabriel Reservoir

Removing sediment from California reservoir for post-fire emergency restoration.

Impoundment Closures

Closing coal combustion residuals (CCR) surface impoundments at an Iowa power plant.

FGD Pond Closure

Reclaimed and closed a flue gas desulfurization (FGD) pond at a Wyoming power plant.

Naughton Gas Ponds

Closed two flue gas desulfurization (FGD) ponds at a Wyoming power plant.

Azusa Quarry & Reliance Landfill

Reclaimed half of a California quarry and prepared the other half for future mining activities.

WLSSD Landfill Closure

Performed construction activities to close a landfill near Duluth, Minnesota.

San Manuel Mine Closure

Performed the largest ever open pit reclamation in the state of Arizona.

Mine Site Reclamation

Performed mine reclamation including leach pad and waste dumps in Utah.

Flambeau Copper Mine

Performed mine development and reclamation work at a sensitive Wisconsin site.

Copper Tailings Remediation

Performed the remediation of mixed copper tailings and sludge at a Utah tailings facility.

Black Pine Gold Mine

Performed mine development including valley leach pad construction in Idaho.