Aggregate Processing


Our knack for adhering to tight schedules and budgets is bolstered by the work of our internal aggregates processing group. We process aggregates for public and private projects across the country, producing 10 to 15 million tons of material annually.

Our on-staff mining engineer/geologist provides support for finding and sourcing materials, and our seasoned aggregates processing team mines and quarries raw materials, performs drilling and blasting, and crushes and screens the materials to meet individual project needs. From highways and airports to mines and water containment, our ability to self-perform aggregate processing ensures that materials are ready when and where a project crew needs them for on-time completion.

Southwest Leach Pad

Constructed a new leach pad, channels, and ponds at a mine in the southwestern U.S.

Silver Basin Dam and Reservoir

Constructed the first asphalt core dam in the U.S. for an Arizona mining operation.

Southwest Mine for Leach

Constructed an ore stockpile facility over an existing stockpile at a mine in the southwestern U.S.

Azusa Quarry & Reliance Landfill

Reclaimed half of a California quarry and prepared the other half for future mining activities.

Cortez Hills Gold Mine

Performed mine development including roadway realignment through mountainous terrain.