Grade Separations


Ames has significant experience performing grade separation projects that eliminate at-grade railroad crossings. These projects help rail and motor vehicle traffic flow freely while reducing traffic backups and risks of accidents.

Our expertise on grade separation projects includes self-performance of alignment shifts, retaining wall construction, utility relocations, and bridge construction. Ames crews are accustomed to working mere feet from live track and maintaining traffic during transportation projects, and our project managers are experienced with the extensive stakeholder coordination these projects require.

Moorhead Grade Separation

Built an underpass to eliminate the intersection of rail lines and streets in Moorhead, Minnesota.

SR 347 at UPRR

Reconstructed two miles of SR 347 including a grade separation over a railway in Maricopa, Arizona.

Olathe Grade Separation

Eliminated nearly half of the at-grade crossings over railroad tracks in Olathe, Kansas.