Leach Pads


Ames has built and maintained leach pads for some of the largest mines in the world, performing massive earthwork spanning hundreds of acres, installing liners and piping, constructing ponds, building haul roads, and producing aggregates.

Leach pads are critical to mining operations, and we work to get them online as quickly as possible. By self-performing the majority of all of our mining infrastructure projects, we ensure that the work is done safely, on time and on budget.

Impoundment Closures

Closing coal combustion residuals (CCR) surface impoundments at an Iowa power plant.

Southwest Leach Pad

Constructed a new leach pad, channels, and ponds at a mine in the southwestern U.S.

Silver Basin Dam and Reservoir

Constructed the first asphalt core dam in the U.S. for an Arizona mining operation.

Southwest Mine for Leach

Constructed an ore stockpile facility over an existing stockpile at a mine in the southwestern U.S.

Valley Leach Facility

Constructed a new valley leach facility to expand existing operations at a Colorado mine.

Black Pine Gold Mine

Performed mine development including valley leach pad construction in Idaho.