All-American Canal


Ames Construction was a joint venture partner on a project that constructed a new concrete-lined canal and converted an unlined storage area into a lined reservoir. The project's goals were to stop seepage of water into Mexico and expand irrigation in California’s Imperial Valley.

The project consisted of excavation, dewatering, and constructing a concrete liner for approximately 10 miles of irrigation canal. Additional work scope included five concrete structures, grading, trimming, and lining five miles of existing canal.

Markets: Water Resources, Canals

Location: El Centro, California

Completion: 2010


  • Mechanical piping
  • Structural concrete


  • 5.5 million cubic yards of earthwork
  • 5.4 million square feet of PVC geomembrane liner
  • 850,000 cubic yards of concrete paving
  • 300,000 square feet of sheet pile cofferdams at three locations

Project of the Year
Category: Environment, more than $75 million
American Public Works Association