Data Centers


The first project began in mid-November of 2016 for mass earthwork, site grading, site utilities, and structural excavation and finish grading for Data Center located in New Mexico. Coordinating work with many different trades and a large number of craft workers on site, communication was vital to ensure everyone worked together efficiently to meet the set schedule.

Shortly after successfully completing the New Mexico project in April of 2018, Ames crews mobilized to Utah in June to begin site development for another new data center. In addition to utility installation, the work scope includes structural excavation and backfilling of the structures, building site roadways for construction access and constructing permanent roads for the property. Ames was also tasked with construction of the subcontractor trailer areas and project lay down yards.

Driven by the expectation for the H-shaped, 970,000-square-foot facility to be finished in 2020, the project had an aggressive start-up schedule with multiple subcontractors on the property simultaneously. At peak construction times, upwards of 1,000 craftspeople were working on site. Building relationships with the other trade workers fostered positive communication to execute the tight coordination needed to achieve a mutually successful project.

The data center will be powered by 100 percent net-new renewable energy and will purchase its own water rights to construct the required water infrastructure for the facility.