Faraday Repower


Ames crews worked under a tight schedule to complete construction of the new Faraday hydroelectric plant on the Clackamas River in northwestern Oregon.

The plant replaces the original powerhouse dating to 1907. Joining the project after the demolition of the original structure and several years into construction of the new facility, Ames crews built suspended decks, elevated walls, retaining structures, a pump station, and thrust restraints. The work included wall pours up to 65 feet above the generator floor elevation.

The Pacific Northwest climate posed a challenge to the project’s already compact schedule. When Ames took over the project, three large, elevated decks needed to be placed to start other work activities. The large, flat pours required hard trowel finishing and were difficult to schedule during the rainy winter months. The crew worked diligently to protect and heat these pours to maintain the schedule and allow other subcontractors to start their work.

As the project continued, the scope increased, but crews adapted to meet the original schedule. Ames also worked with the client to redesign several aspects of the project to keep it moving forward for on-time completion. Following plant commissioning, Ames crews continued performing site improvements including drainage structures, light foundations, and a penstock thrust block.