Glen Elder Dam Spillway


Glen Elder Dam was constructed in the mid-twentieth century as part of a federal campaign to thwart extreme flooding of the Missouri River Basin. The dam in north central Kansas is also a source for irrigation and municipal water, and it forms Waconda Lake, a popular recreational destination with 100 miles of shoreline.

With the goal of ensuring that the dam continues to protect and benefit the region, Ames began a three-year project in 2022 to repair the dam’s 644-foot-wide concrete spillway.

Crews are replacing 98 spillway panels, which equates to 13,200 cubic yards of self-batched and placed concrete. The project also requires the removal of concrete, existing drainage material, and pipe, along with rock excavation and pipe trench grading. Ames hit several milestones in the project’s first year, including the construction of temporary roads, setting up the batch plant, and developing the process to produce a consistent batch of concrete that meets owner requirements.

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