Mesquite Intermodal Expansion


Ames Construction was the prime contractor for the design-build of a 105,000-square-yard storage addition at the Mesquite Intermodal facility near Dallas, which is one of the largest intermodals in the country.

Ames crews expanded the facility with additional working tracks and parking, and a new crane maintenance pad, maintenance building, and fueling facility. Outside of the facility, a new second main was also constructed, consisting of an Auto Lead track for storage capabilities and a mainline that increases transportation capacity from the existing facility to south Dallas.

Throughout construction, the project required numerous utility relocations, ROW acquisitions, and extensive coordination with the cities of Dallas and Mesquite for the major at-grade crossings. These time-critical challenges were intensified with the requirement to maintain the 24/7 functionality of the facility for the duration of the project. Coordination with the owner and ongoing communication with entities involved in and around the site was critical to the project’s success.

The completed facility and track increased the capacity and efficiency of the railroad's vast network to keep up with demand for high-speed delivery at the lowest cost possible.