San Bernardino Airport


Ames built a 100-acre air cargo logistics center from the ground up in an 11-month project at the former Norton Air Force Base in San Bernardino, California.

Crews built two bridges over the San Bernardino Channel and widened adjacent city streets to accommodate large truck traffic.

Airside work included the construction of an airport cargo apron. This work adjoined the active airport taxiway and required continuous coordination with the San Bernardino International Airport Authority.

Additional project scope involved underground drainage, which included the installation of a 20,000-gallon oil and water separator tank, a drainage flow splitter box, and two CDS (continuous deflective separation) hydrodynamic separator systems that remove sediment from stormwater runoff.

The hub began operations in 2021.

Markets: Transportation, Airports

Location: San Bernardino, California

Completion: January 2021


  • Concrete paving
  • Bridge construction


  • Constructed an airport cargo apron with a capacity to support 14 flights, 2,000 cars, and 380 trailers
  • Installed underground drainage, including a 20,000-gallon oil and water separator tank